Torriani Gianni

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Torriani Gianni is mainly composed of four basic components: ball, inner ring, outer ring and retainer, also called cage or retainer. General industrial ball bearings meet the standards of AISI 52100. Balls and rings are usually made of high chromium steel with Rockwell C-scale hardness between 61-65. The hardness of the cage is lower than that of balls and rings. Its material is metal (such as: medium carbon steel, aluminum alloy) or non-metal (such as: Teflon, PTEF, polymer materials). Torriani Gianni have less rotational frictional resistance than journal bearings, so at the same speed, the temperature of friction will be lower.


The purpose of the Torriani Gianni is to determine the relative position of two parts (usually the shaft and the bearing seat) and ensure their free rotation, while transmitting the load between them. At high speeds (such as in gyro ball bearings), this use can be extended to include free rotation with almost no wear in the bearings. In order to achieve this state, an adhesive fluid film called an elastic hydrodynamic lubrication film can be used to separate the two parts of the bearing.  


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